New paths – DICI Infoletter 4

DICI Infoletter 4 Claudia Eustergerling Design

In another mailing campaign, the DICI Infoletter 4 was sent out in the summer. The theme of the edition: Optimizing the cycle path network. New route connections make it easier to get from the communities to the city to work or school and make the bicycle increasingly attractive as an everyday means of transport. We […]

DICI Infoletter 2-4

DICI Infoletter 4 Cover

Client: DICI Once again, residents southwest of the city of Luxembourg have received information from DICI via unaddressed mail. With the latest mailing, the DICI-Infoletter 4, the DICI communities and partners inform their residents about new measures to promote slow traffic. The focus is on optimising the cycle path network, as new route connections make […]

Design (for) the DICI area

DICI has published a new guide – a further contribution to the urban development of the area southwest of the city of Luxembourg. We were responsible for the design and implementation. Discover more.  

Less parking space, more living space

DICI Leitfaden Parkraummanagement

Fewer car journeys, shorter distances and easy transfer to bus and train – parking space management (PRM) in urban areas makes alternatives to the car interesting for the daily journey to work. The DICI partners have recognised this. In their pioneering role, they have developed a guide designed to facilitate the practical implementation of PRM […]

Here comes the bus

DICI Infoletter 3

This week the third DICI-Infoletter will be distributed and shows the first fruits of integrative planning in the DICI convention area. What does this mean in concrete terms for citizens? What does it mean in practice? Here is the continuation … Discover more    

Mailing – DICI Infoletter 3

Client: DICI // Here comes the bus. In the familiar format and structure, the DICI-Infoletter 3 informs citizens in the Convention area about innovations and developments in the lead projects. For the first time, the publication concentrates on a single lead project – the optimisation of the bus network. The topic will be clearly in […]

DICI gets concrete

This week the second DICI Infoletter will be distributed. What has become of the projects presented by DICI in the meantime? What does integrative planning mean in practice? What are the experiences? Our latest publication is a citizen information and motivation … Discover more.      

DICI Infoletter 2

DICI Infoletter 2

Client: DICI. // Shaping the future today. A report on the status quo of the DICI process. Citizen information and motivation for distribution to all households. We were commissioned with the design and implementation. Together with our clients, we redefined the format, coordinated the structure and content and wrote the texts. After the presentation of […]