Fly it safe! – OOH campaign

Client: Ministry of Mobility and public works, Directorate of Civil aviation in Luxembourg

What better time to look back over last months’ faithful collaboration and present our work outside? The ministry of Mobility and public works and the authority of civil aviation in Luxembourg (DAC), trusted our company to draw attention on the new European directive on drone piloting by a public campaign as markets explode involving new risks besides fun.

That said, together we explored and framed the multidisciplinary challenge which for us turned out in a national Out-of-home (OOH) campaign. All in order to sensitize on safe and responsible piloting of drones and inform about new requirements in alignment to European activities and existing sources.

Regular exchange with the clients’ team allowed us to develop a style we proudly present including photography, graphic design and animation. Not to forget to mention our media partners and the excellent and close collaboration. For further information please visit or download the press release (PPT, french).