Fondation Loutsch-Weydert – Identity

Client: Fondation Jean-Claude & Josannette Loutsch-Weydert

Our studio is responsible for the visual design of the still young Foundation Loutsch-Weydert. She approached us with the subject of heraldry. A topic that was new territory for us until then. Perhaps that is why our cooperation turned out to be so exciting and fascinating.

In these fast-moving times, we observe how logos are becoming uniform and design features increasingly interchangeable. People want to follow the Zeitgeist, see advantages in use and cost reduction. The extent to which cost and benefit are in proportion remains a matter for discussion and is often decided (too) quickly. Here, values such as trust, respect, interest, and professionalism were in the foreground. In meetings, we were allowed to experience a sense of identity, stylistic confidence, and aesthetic sensitivity like rarely.

Our task: Create a new sign based on the customer’s idea and template, combining two family crests, which will be used as the logo of the new foundation. This task was followed by the design of the business papers and assistance in choosing the papers for implementation and production.

The challenge: Bring the implementation to the desired result, taking into account the heraldic rules and aesthetic requirements, optimized for contemporary applications and use in various media.

The solution: The new sign appears in form and colors according to the rules of heraldry. In the elaboration of the details, we used the creative freedom that nevertheless exists. For example, note the elements rose and duck together with the waves, harmoniously matched in color to the dark blue tone of the font, severe and noble. The Making-Of gives an insight into the working steps.

Making of