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Client: Direction de l’Aviation Civile Luxembourg

The “Directorate of Civil Aviation – DAC”, part of the Ministère du Développement Durable et des Infrastructures, Département des Transports, commissioned us to redesign its logo and define corporate design guidelines. The aim of the redesign was to improve their public image, show seriousness and increase visibility.

The result is based on the abbreviation of the authority’s name, commonly known as “DAC”. Thus we have shifted the focus from the previous pictogram, the winged lion, to the characters. The “A” in the middle makes the logo stable, “D” and “C” show openness. Abstractly, the lines can also be found in the front view of an aircraft. The subline shows the complete name of the authority and makes it even more stable and clear. In addition, we have created a colour and image concept as well as icons around the logo. The use is practically summarized in the design manual.

With its reduced, modern and contemporary look, the DAC’s new appearance signals clarity, openness, orientation and security. All in all, the new corporate design positively changes the image, self-perception and self-confidence of the authority. It gives it the necessary weight and a certain sympathy. The new logo will initially be used on official documents and licenses. From now on it will also appear in informative publications, in public relations work or in public spaces in order to appeal to different target groups.

Corporate Design DAC Logo
Corporate Design DAC Citylight
Corporate Design DAC Icon
Corporate Design DAC Icons

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