Practical Guide for Managers – Editorial Design

Client: Capucine Mulliez-Ternynck, Sylvie Notarnicola // Following the developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, this guide makes companies aware of the challenges and opportunities of returning to work. Using numerous examples and formulations, it supports managers in their dealings with employees and strengthens their relationships. A concern that we find so important that we proposed its visual creation and translation from French into German.

Our design creates added value in many ways. Thanks to the graphic concept and the choice of illustrations, we position the guide in the context of the company so that it is recognizable at first glance. Clear typography and a user-friendly selection of colors send positive signals. Access to the content is made more accessible by special hangers and improvements in the layout. With the new language version, we reach a broader target group. The result is available for free download.

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Practical guide
Supporting managers in their relations with their employees
12 pages, PDF
French version:
German version: